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          HASTEN ZONE CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer who are specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing airtight zippers and waterproof zippers. Developing and manufacturing airtight & waterproof zippers products since 2005, we are wholesale and retail airtight & waterproof zippers to worldwide.  Zippers can be used in diving suit, lifejacket, immsersion suit, rockets, missiles, mechanic tools, water sports products, tents, flexible covers, protective clothing


Main Products
8# CR airtight zipper waterproof zipper

  •Diving suit, Dry suit
  •Water sports products
  •Tents, flexible cover

8# TPU or CR waterproof zippers airtight zipper

  •Immersion suits
  •Survival suits
  •Surf suits

How to use airtight zippers
How to measure watertight zippers?
How to storage waterproof zipper.
How to install airtight zippers.
Where can use waterproof zippers
How to order waterproof zipper
How to Care and Use of Immersion Suits
How to Repair a Dry Suit Zipper
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