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waders waterproof zipper

waders waterproof zipper

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waders waterproof zipper, custom length from 20CM to 5000CM

Size: NO.8 (8TZN CR 100% waterproof zipper)
Teeth material: cupronickel
Tape material: Chloroprene rubber (CR)
Length: From 20CM to 5000CM, according to your instruction
Open end
Width of zipper teeth: 7.0 MM
Total width of zipper: 70.0 MM
Lateral breaking strength of meshed chain: = 350N/in
Breaking Strength of composite sliderand tug: = 450N
Load to displace metal top stops: = 175N
Force to operate slider along chain: < 55N
Force to dock and undock slider: < 75N
Reciprocating requirements:  =500cycles
wader waterproof zipper


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